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Digital Vision Loki 2017 Free Download Latest Version for Windows. Complete Offline Installer, Offline Installation of Digital Vision Loki 2017 for Windows 64-bit PC.

Review of Digital Vision Loki 2017

Automation software for web-controlled and automatic image processing. Loki provides access to Digital Vision's line of image processing tools and enables automated, web-controlled and unattended processing of any volume of file material.

What Loki Control Software Does: Loki Control is used to configure processing tasks using presets created in Loki automation software.

Tasks are placed in a central monitored folder, allowing access to multiple Loki automation clients.

The XML job file is created using the Loki management interface and contains the following information:

  1. *Location of source media
  2. * Preset to be applied to image files.
  3. * Export location and export formats (resolution, file type codec, etc.) When a new job file is detected:
  4. * Loki Control checks that no other Loki client is running the same task.
  5. * Task processed
  6. * When completed, Loki Control will check for the next available task. Tasks can be tracked and created via a web interface from anywhere.

What Loki can be used for:

  1. * Automatic restoration of film and video materials (dust, scratches, loss, removal of composite cross-colors)
  2. * File transcoding
  3. * Transcoding engine with pre-processing (DVO Clarity noise reduction/low pass filtering)
  4. * Stereogeometry and color matching
  5. * Speeds up file creation from digital camera files.
  6. * Advanced color space conversion with 3D LUTs, matrices and ACES ODT.
  7. *Frame rate conversion with motion compensation*
  8. * High-quality upscaling (DVO Upscale SD to HD)
  9. * Apply LUTs to convert materials and color space.
  10. * Geometry correction for GoPro material (wide angle).

Features of Digital Vision Loki 2017

Loki is the ideal solution for file-based image processing tasks, combining over 25 years of research and development into a cost-effective, versatile and scalable software solution.

Leading Image Processing Tools

Loki provides the world's leading set of image processing algorithms that can be easily customized to create solutions for broadcast, post-production and archiving workflows such as standards conversion, format conversion, denoising, restoration, digital camera image restoration and more. With over 20 advanced tools, the workflow possibilities are endless...

View folders

Set up folders for automatic processing on one or more outputs.

Customizable presets

Create presets for use in various workflows. Presets are created and distributed to all network nodes.

Effects Preview

Before you begin exporting, watch a video preview of the resulting images.

Transfer/Export Audio

Import and export a variety of audio formats, including WAV, MXF and Quicktime Audio, whether through-through or re-timing.

FTP upload

Automatically upload completed exports to FTP.

Possibility of combustion

Wide range of options for recording text, time code and logo.

Analyzing the file before exporting

Metadata and analytics to facilitate pre-export decisions.

Email Alert

Detailed reports by email to multiple addresses after completion of work.

Work planning

Loki's advanced control allows you to schedule startup times and prioritize jobs to maximize the efficiency of new and existing infrastructure.

Network node capabilities

Loki scales seamlessly and easily with the power of multiple nodes to increase throughput and export speed.

Usage reports

Export job details to CSV and TXT file formats to facilitate technical analysis and billing.

RAW format support

Loki supports a wide range of camera RAW formats and uses additional unique debayer enhancement tools.

Analyzing the file before exporting

Metadata and analytics to facilitate pre-export decisions.

Email Alert

Detailed reports by email to multiple addresses after completion of work.

Merge multiple files

Select multiple input video files and combine them into one exported file.

Title: Digital Vision Loki v2017.1.003
Developer: Home Page
Language: English
License: ShareWare
OS: Windows x64

Digital Vision Loki 2017 Free Download

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