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GOM Media Player. Although you can find almost any media of interest on the Internet, regardless of its content, the quality will be excellent if the media is played using the appropriate application. Gom Player is one of them and is equipped with a number of features that ensure that it means business.

Visually appealing and easy to use

• Please be aware that after installation, if you do not follow each step carefully, you may end up with a different default home page for your web browser. The process is completed in seconds, revealing a simple yet intuitive and beautiful interface. You can change the default skin at any time in the Settings menu.

• One of the most useful aspects in terms of visual effects is that you can neatly place the main window on the desktop thanks to its sticky borders that also capture other windows. The same can be said for the playlist and control panel, which can be attached to the player and moved around in its entirety.

Organize files into playlists

• To be a true media player, the application must not lack some basic features. Gom Player is no exception, one of the most important of which is the playlist manager. It is displayed in a separate window, and you can easily drag and drop the necessary elements onto it. What's more, you can also import existing playlists if you want to change the default media app.

Improve video and audio

• The app also provides you with a small but powerful control panel to enhance your overall audio and video experience. The 12-band equalizer ensures clear audio, offering you a decent variety of presets as well as the ability to save custom configurations.

• Additionally, you can adjust the color sliders to correct any imperfections in the image, as well as capture a specific frame that you might want to use in other projects. Subtitles can be downloaded for ease of access and placed by adjusting several sliders.

To end with

• All things considered, Gom Player definitely lives up to the expectations by taking a seat at the table of giants. It allows you to adapt instantly with its intuitive interface and design, and the number of formats it can display leaves nothing to be desired other than movie popcorn. you can also download GOM Audio Player

Features of GOM Media Player Free

Comprehensive file support:

• GOM Media Player can play all the most popular video formats by default: AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, MOV and others!

Extended capabilities:

• With a wide range of advanced features such as A-B repeat, screen capture, media player capture, playback speed control and video effects, GOM Media Player allows you to do much more than just play videos.


• GOM Media Player's skinnable interface and advanced filter controls make it highly customizable, allowing users to personalize their experience to suit their needs. Download new skins and logos from the GOM Media Player website!

Search for codecs:

• Some unusual video types are not supported by GOM Media Player by default. When you try to watch these videos, GOM Media Player's Codec Finder will search for the one you're missing and direct you to where you can read more information and/or download the missing codec.

Title: GOM Media Player v2.3.26.5283
Developer: Home Page
Language: Multilingual
License: FreeWare
OS: Windows

GOM Media Player + Portable [Latest]

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