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Reg Organizer is a multifunctional application designed to edit, clean and maintain the registry, fix system errors and improve computer performance. The deep search feature in the registry allows you to find all registry keys related to a particular application. The program helps you view and edit registry files (.reg) and view their contents directly from Windows Explorer.

Includes a registry cleaner that safely compresses, repairs, and optimizes the registry. With Reg Organizer you can do a thorough search of the registry to find all the keys related to a particular application - Reg Organizer does this job faster and better than other similar programs. Other Reg Organizer features include the ability to search and replace registry entries, automatic registry cleanup, a disk cleanup tool, and access to many undocumented Windows features.

The ability to expand plug-ins provides unlimited possibilities for third-party enhancements. There is also a built-in application uninstaller that allows you to completely remove unnecessary applications from the system. With Reg Organizer, you can customize the "Open With..." context menu, remove items from the Add/Remove Programs dialog box, specify programs to run on Windows startup, parse shared dynamic-link libraries (DLLs), and more... Another set of features will be useful to both administrators and ordinary users.

Reg Organizer final download features

  1. egistry editor for viewing and editing the system registry, managing registry keys and values, exporting, importing, copying, etc.
  2. The Reg Organizer Registry Cleaner can detect many types of registry errors. These include searching the registry for invalid references to files, folders, and DLLs; invalid deletion data; search for obsolete and invalid file extensions and other problems. Reg Organizer can fix many of these registry issues.
  3. The search function in the registry can find all the keys related to a particular application and remove them if necessary. This feature can be useful if you are manually uninstalling any application that does not have an uninstall feature. In this case, its keys can be left in the registry, interfering with the normal operation of other programs. Reg Organizer provides the deepest search and can often find even those keys that are not identified by other similar programs.
  4. Defragment and compress the registry: Increase the performance of the registry and therefore the overall performance of your system.
  5. Ability to change many undocumented Windows settings (tweaks). In particular, it can speed up your system by sending a command to the system to increase the size of the cache, or by unloading unused libraries, etc.
  6. The ability to obtain information about any selected registry key and track changes to specific keys.
  7. Preview of registry files (*.reg) before adding their contents to the system registry. Files can be viewed directly from Windows Explorer. Reg Organizer presents the contents of the file in a tree view, helping you visualize all the keys that will be imported into the registry.
  8. A functional registry file editor that allows editing keys and values, adding and deleting data contained in .reg files.
  9. Provide quick access to all programs that automatically start when you turn on your computer or log in. Using Reg Organizer, you can check, edit or disable such programs.
  10. Registry search and replace mode offers various options to search the registry and replace entries that match the specified criteria.
  11. Integrated software uninstaller. It can take snapshots before and after installing the app and wipe out ALL system changes made by the app as if it was never installed. In addition, this function can be used to display the changes made by the application to each of the components of the system.
  12. The Disk Cleanup tool allows you to automatically remove unnecessary files from your computer's hard drive, as well as find and fix invalid shortcuts.

Title: Reg Organizer v9.11
Developer: Home Page
Language: Multilingual
License: Shareware
OS: Windows

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Reg Organizer 9.11 + Portable [Latest]

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